We Found a Good Place to Live After We Graduated

I knew that I wanted a place of my own as soon as I had my college degree in my hand. My college roommate was someone who was a stranger to me when we first moved into a dorm together our freshman year. We turned out to be best friends and hadshared a room ever since. So, after graduation, we decided to look at apartments for rent in Tampa Florida together.

We spent a few weekends looking through all the different places in the area where we wanted to live. We had both landed jobs already with our new degrees, and we were lucky that we both would be working at companies that are relatively close to one another. So, that would really help out with our living arrangements. We wanted to get a three bedroom apartment. One bedroom for each one of us and then one extra room to act as an office that we would both share. We also wanted to have two bathrooms and a nice sized living room. We did not know if there is such a thing like this when it comes to rentals, but we were going to keep looking until we found the right place with an office to share.

When we found what we wanted to rent, we pounced on signing a contract. It was the only unit around that fit our needs perfectly. We did not want to lose out. We were told that we could move in within just a couple of weeks. So that meant that we needed to move fast and get moved in. We had been living in one room together for so long that it was really exciting to think about the fact that we would have a big place to spread out in together. And we both landed jobs doing freelance work, so having a home office fit us well, too.