I Wanted to Have Thicker Eyelashes

I used to have really thin eyelashes. Some people may think this is just a minor issue, but it was something that really bothered me. People would actually comment on them at times, making me feel even more self conscious. I tried wearing makeup to make them more full, but nothing seemed to work. I had just about given up hope when a friend told me about Lilash Serum. I had actually tried an eyelash serum in the past, but it did not provide the fuller and thicker lashes that it stated would happen.

I am nothing if not optimistic though, so I decided to go ahead and see why this one was different. The first thing that I really liked about it is that it contains only natural ingredients. The last serum I tried had a lot of chemicals in it that I didn’t even recognize, which caused me concern even before trying it. I also liked that there are no side effects such as redness or the area being irritated. After reading a lot of information about the product, I decided to go ahead and order a tube to see if it would help me.

I knew I would have to be patient because it would take up to four to six weeks for a noticeable difference. I started applying the serum once a day right after I showered in the morning, and I had to keep myself from counting down the weeks to see if it would actually work. While impatience did get the best of me at times, I am so happy to have waited it out because this was finally the product that worked on my eyelashes. I now have the long and thick lashes that I thought would never happen, and I feel so much more beautiful because of them!