I Love Doing What I Do for My Kid

When I was a kid, my mom was a leader in the scout club that I joined. I really loved having her be part of it with me. She volunteered so much of her time, and I appreciated it, even as a young girl. Mos of my friends did not really think about what their parents did for them, but I was always aware of it and very appreciative. So, when my daughter was born, I vowed to spend time volunteering to take part in the activities she was part of. Recently, I looked into t shirt printing in Tampa so that I could get some shirts printed up for her scout trip. She was so pleased with me. This made me very happy.

I can remember my mom being part of the activities in the PTA. She made sure to make things that were important in my school were also important to her. If she needed to be at a meeting, she took time to put other things by the wayside so that she could make sure to be there. If we had a school fair, such as a carnival, Halloween events or something else, my mom stepped up. She was that mom who made sure to bake cookies and cupcakes for school parties, too. It just felt good to have her around.

So, when my daughter’s group had a leader who stepped down, I was asked if I could fill in at least temporarily. But I wanted to do it full time. I was really loving all the activities. I got the shirts made up with the troop’s logo. I got them done in pink, which all the girls really liked. My daughter asked me to have a few extra made for myself and her sister. It was great.