I Just Learned What a Volume Pill is

It was a typical Saturday afternoon and I was sitting in my basement watching football games with my brother in law and his cousin. The cousin started talking about different strange things you could find on the Internet. I am not really sure what brought the subject up, but he was saying that he had run across something which completely baffled him. It was called Semenax and it is a pill that is called a volume pill. Obviously it is supposed to increase the volume of semen that you produce when you ejaculate, but it is hard to figure out exactly what purpose that is supposed to serve. I have not ever had an issue with ejaculation, I climax and it comes out. After that I do not think much about it, beyond cleaning up after myself if that is necessary. Much of the time the stuff ends up in the end of a condom and I never stop to think about how much is in there. I just chuck it in the trash can without ever thinking about how much is in there. Perhaps there are certain occupations where you are required to produce quantities of semen, for example the male performer in pornographic films. There are not really that many of those guys I do not think and the big thing with them is going to be performance. Obviously they are probably all going to use Viagra and that other drug for performance enhancement. If that is what you do for a living, then it only makes sense that you would use what was available. If you were going out with more than one sexual partner, then perhaps there might be a reason that you would need the volume pills. That is at least some sort of rationale.