Cooking for a Pregnant Wife

Since using Volume Pills, my wife and I became friskier and more intimate, so much so that she became pregnant. This was my first time becoming a parent. Immediately we started thinking about baby names, and my wife came up with a lot of girl names because she thought the baby would be a girl. She told me she had a sure feeling that the baby would be a girl, and was willing to make a wager out of it. If the baby was born a girl, I had to cook her a multi course dinner every day for a week.

We went to the doctor for prenatal care, and asked the doctor to tell us what the sex of the baby would be. The baby wasn’t far along enough for the doctor to give an accurate answer, so we had to wait a little while longer. My friends wanted to get in on the betting action, so they made wagers as well. After a month, we asked the doctor again what the sex of the baby would be, and she told us that it would be a girl. My wife cheered and jumped for joy.

As soon as we left the hospital, I started thinking of some dinner ideas. It’s not every day that a person plans a multi course dinner, especially for 7 days. There’s only so many different kinds of meat that can be prepared. I came up with the perfect idea of having a theme for each meal. One theme would be beef, while the other would be fish, chicken, or pork, and so on. I chose vegetables that best complemented these meats and came up with some creative ideas. I also came up with some neat dessert ideas and cooked them like I was working at a restaurant.