A New Website Saved My Business

When I decided to explore my options with an online shop, I thought that it would be as simple as finding someone to make me a website. Well, that was easy enough, but it was also quite evident that I needed something much more than a decent looking website. First off, the site, while nice, did not really reflect the kind of image that I wanted it to. Secondly, no one was coming to it! That is when I did a new search for Wollongong web design SEO. I had done my homework while I was waiting for my site to take off, and I had plenty of time to figure out why it was failing so miserably.

It was during this time that I learned about search engine optimization. I realized that the nicest site in the world was not going attract visitors if the SEO simply wasn’t there. I also discovered that there are companies that do both websites as well as SEO, which is what I should have looked for first. I had no idea though, but I am not one to cry over spilled milk. I already knew the company that I wanted to work with.

Their own website impressed me, plus I liked that they wanted to actually talk with me before they put a website together for me. The former person only had me fill out a basic questionnaire on what I wanted. While he did a good job with it, it still wasn’t what I wanted. I knew that talking with the designer would actually get what I wanted across better, and that is exactly what happened. Not only did they make me a much nicer site that actually reflects who I am, but I have new visitors coming every day. They saved my business!